To make a positive difference in our patient’s lives


When you feel confident with your body, everybody notices.


If you love the idea of wearing bathers or tighter fitting clothes with more confidence, body contouring could be a solution.


No one understands that better than we do. Your face not only expresses your personality, it plays a critical role in how attractive and confident you feel.


Natural results and excellence in surgery

Feel confident that our approach is about quality, safety and integrity. We listen to your goals and desires and provide honest advice about what you can expect from a procedure and whether it is appropriate. Our Specialist Plastic Surgeon, Dr Cheng, has the highest level of training, skills and experience.


Why Trust Us

AR Plastic Surgery is a Reconstructive & Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Practice in Brisbane

Dr Cheng is a Specialist Plastic Surgeon with the highest qualifications in plastic surgery.

We love taking care of people and we take great pride in how we go about it from the first phone call to your recovery and beyond.

We believe in patient safety and ethics in plastic surgery.

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