General Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is to contact our patient coordinators to discuss the procedure/s, your goals and desires. We like to discuss your history and concerns in order to provide more specific advice in relation to your suitability for the procedure of interest. We can then assist you with a suitable appointment for a consultation with Dr Cheng. Following a consultation, we can provide you with an estimate of fees and available consultation dates.

Our office contact details are below:

This depends on your procedure and the complexity of the surgery. Some procedures are quite simple and may be performed in the procedural rooms of our clinic using local anaesthetic. Many aesthetic/cosmetic procedures require a general anaesthetic for your comfort and safety and will be performed in one of several accredited private hospitals such as The Wesley Hospital, Westside Private Hospital Taringa and Canossa Private Hospital Oxley. Sometimes you may go home the same day as surgery, while for larger procedures a brief hospital stay may be required.

Our office contact details are below:

For most surgical procedures, we recommend taking at least two weeks off work or your regular duties. Some procedures such as breast reconstruction, abdominoplasty and combined procedures ie breast lift with implants or removal and replacement with capsulectomy involve a longer recovery time. Dr Cheng will advise you during your consultation based on your occupation and role requirements.

These are guidelines only and will vary depending on your individual circumstances and occupation:

  • Breast Augmentation: 7-10 days
  • Abdominoplasty: 3 weeks
  • Breast Reduction: 7-10 days
  • Breast Lift: 7-10 days
  • Gynaecomastia: 7-10 days
  • Breast Reconstruction: 4-6 weeks
  • Facelift: 3 weeks
  • Thigh lift: 2-3 weeks
  • Arm lift: 2-3 weeks
  • Liposuction: 7-10 days

Dr Cheng looks after many interstate and international patients so we understand that travel can be expensive. Dr Cheng does offer an initial video consultation for particular procedures and patients who live further than 4 hours outside of Brisbane. It is important to keep in mind that video consultations cannot replace a physical consultation. Dr Cheng will still need to physically examine you to confirm your treatment plan at least 7 days prior to your surgery date. Video consultations require pre-approval from Dr Cheng and are $200 which is paid at the time of booking your video consultation. In order to confirm your video consultation please liaise with our patient coordinators as they will assist with your preparation requirements.

The following information is an example of the information that will be required:

  • Photos of your current anatomy
  • Ideal results or outcomes that you like
  • If you have had previous surgery, your before and after photos and records relating to your previous surgery
  • Copies of reports relating to recent imaging
  • Your patient detail form
  • The above material should be emailed to office@arplastic.stagingsurfpacific.com. If you are an out-of-town patient please follow the link for more detailed instructions on the consultation/surgery process: Travelling Patients.

This depends on your procedure and the complexity of the surgery. Some minor procedures are quite simple and may be performed using local anaesthetic +/- sedation. By far the majority of surgical procedures, however, require a general anaesthetic.

In most instances, you will be able to go home the same day as surgery. For larger procedures, a hospital stay may be required.

The next step is to contact your patient coordinator to book your preferred surgery date. In order to confirm and secure your date of surgery, you will need to pay your deposit at the time of booking. Please schedule your pre-operative appointment 3-4 weeks prior to your actual surgery date. The surgery deposit is non-refundable should you cancel surgery, however, changing surgery dates is possible.

Dr Cheng believes that cosmetic plastic surgery is an enormous decision and at least 2 pre-operative appointments are essential as there are often more questions and information to clarify. So yes your pre-operative appointment is essential.

Dr Cheng operates on Mondays, Tuesdays and some Thursdays.

On average, the waiting time for a consultation with Dr Cheng is about 2 months. Waiting time for surgery can vary significantly, depending on the length of the procedure that you wish to have. On average, the waiting time for surgery is approximately 6 weeks from your first contact with the clinic.

Please let our team know as soon as possible so that we can assist you, You must see Dr Cheng for a clinical consultation or video consultation prior to booking surgery. Once Dr Cheng has consulted with you and provided informed consent about your procedure, and you have had time to consider the procedure and associated risks you can secure your surgical date with a non-refundable surgical deposit. For your benefit there is a cooling off period of 7 days to allow time for you to think about your decision to have plastic surgery.

Dr Cheng operates regularly at the following accredited private hospitals:

Our patients come from all over Australia and Internationally. Please see information for travelling patients. For your convenience if you don’t have a car in Brisbane, our office is situated within walking distance to the Auchenflower Train Station.

The Following is a list of helpful nearby accommodation options for travelling patients:

Accommodation near train stations and close to the Hospital

Essence Suites and Apartments Taringa – Medi-hotel (easy access to train line from Taringa to Auchenflower) – directly above Westside Private Hospital
The Jephson Hotel Toowong

Accommodation Within Walking Distance to The Wesley Hospital:

The Oasis Apartments
Various Lodges near The Wesley Hospital Campus

Accommodation and Recovery Care

Private In-Home Accommodation and Care

There is a range of accommodation and care options depending on whether you are travelling alone or with a friend/carer.

For a home away from hospital style accommodation with the option of airport pickup and dropoff, day surgery pickup, overnight accommodation and care as well as meals. Speak to our Patient Coordinators for more details about this private in home style accommodation option.

Recovery Partner and Concierge Services

Heidi and her team at Pure You Patient Concierges, offer caring and supportive females who are knowledgeable on post-surgical recovery and can assist with the logistics of recovery.

FAQs about the cost of surgery

It is difficult to give an exact fee until Dr Cheng sees you for a consultation as human anatomy and different treatment options will vary. In most cases, your estimate will comprise of several components:

  • Surgeon’s fee, including assistant, prosthetics such as breast implants.
  • Anaesthetic Fee – time dependent
  • Hospital Fee – varies based on hospital and complexity of procedure
  • Miscellaneous: Pain relief medications, blood tests, compression garments if required.
  • Typically the majority of cosmetic surgeries will NOT attract medicare or health fund rebates.
  • Some procedures such as a breast reduction, gynaecomastia, tuberous breast correction, selected breast lift cases, weight loss surgery including tummy tucks, arm and thigh lifts as well as reconstructive plastic surgery such as breast reconstruction are often attract medicare and private health insurance rebates.
  • Once you have attended for your consultation your Patient Coordinator will prepare a detailed estimate which will explain fees associated with your chosen procedure.

Yes. Dr Cheng’s fee is paid in full 2 weeks prior to the date of your surgery. Your anaesthetic fee and hospital fee (where applicable) may also need to be paid in full prior to undergoing surgery.

Some medical procedures attract a medicare and health insurance rebate and. However, there is generally always a ‘gap’ or out of pocket cost, for most surgical procedures with Dr Cheng.

Private health insurance generally does not contribute to the fees for cosmetic/aesthetic plastic surgery. In some cases of reconstructive plastic surgery health funds may contribute. If in any doubt please seek advice from one of our patient coordinators. If you are unsure if your procedure is cosmetic or medical it is always best to obtain a referral from your GP prior to your appointment just in case.

FAQs about what happens before surgery

Dr Cheng consults on Wednesdays and Fridays. You will be required to complete a patient detail form which includes your demographic information and medical history. You will then have an initial discussion with one of our knowledgeable patient coordinators to review your history as well as discuss your goals and ideal result. If you are considering breast augmentation surgery, your patient coordinator will perform a 3D crisalix scan at this time. Dr Cheng will join you for a thorough clinical review including a discussion of your specific concerns and anatomy. For breast surgery, he will perform clinical measurements, trial breast implant sizers and model 3D projections of your ideal outcome.

Following this Dr Cheng will outline your possible treatment options, details about the procedure, recovery milestones and associated surgical risks. You will take home with written information about your treatment options along with a tailored estimate of fees.

We encourage you to take time to review this information to help you decide if surgery is the right option for you. Make a note of any questions you have and highlight areas needing further clarification. This is the next step in preparation for your pre-operative appointment with Dr Cheng.

Preparation for your appointment is required and may involve:

  • a referral from your GP if possible, especially if you are exploring whether your procedure attracts medicare or insurance rebates.
  • completion of our patient detail form including your health history.
  • If you are close to or 40 years and over and considering breast surgery, please ensure you have a current mammogram and/or USS in time for your consultation with Dr Cheng.
  • If you already have breast implants and have concerns it may be wise to ask your GP for a breast ultrasound referral to check the integrity of your breast implants prior to your appointment. This will allow Dr Cheng to have the results available to discuss at your consultation, especially if you are considering removal and replacement surgery of previous breast implants.
  • details and previous operation notes for any previous breast surgery including before and after photos from your previous surgeon. This will assist Dr Cheng when advising on breast implant replacement
  • uploading of photos both of your desired result and images of your current breast or body concerns so that we can customise your consultation and advise prior to your consultation
  • a discussion with one of our patient coordinators about your concerns and goals be sure to bring along your diary to look at potential theatre dates.


In-office consultations with Dr Cheng are $200. Some consultations may be partially rebateable if you have a referral from your GP, however, please check with our team prior to your consultation.

Upon booking a consultation, we will send a welcome email confirming the date, time, location as well as information about our clinic. We will also attach our Patient Detail Form, which you should complete prior to your appointment. Please ask our team if you require a referral letter from a GP prior to your consultation.

Dr Cheng consults on Wednesdays and Fridays. Please contact our rooms to determine availabilities in line with your preferred dates. Please allow approximately 2 months lead time for a consultation.

Yes, as it can affect wound healing and scar formation so we would recommend ceasing Roaccutane medication 3-6 months prior to your planned plastic surgery. Always consult with Dr Eddie Cheng at the time of your consultation and he will advise specific to your personal situation.

Dr Cheng advises patients to stop tanning solutions 7-10 days prior to surgery.

Breast augmentation Surgery:

Yes, ideally removal is best especially if the piercing is metal. If you have a plastic spacer this may be a suitable temporary solution. Please avoid new nipple piercings until 6 weeks postoperatively. This will prevent any infection risk.

Other breasts surgeries

Breast lift, breast reduction and gynaecomastia surgery will require removal of your piercing and you may lose your piercing altogether.

Abdominoplasty or Tummy Tuck surgery

Yes, please remove any belly button or umbilicus piercings prior to your tummy tuck as your umbilicus will be repositioned.

FAQS about what happens during surgery

FAQs about what happens after surgery

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