Ear surgery (Otoplasty)


Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

When you feel self-conscious about the shape and appearance of your ears, it can affect your self-esteem, both as an adult and as a child.

In fact, children often report teasing at school. Prominent ears or ears that stick out, protrude or are out of proportion are relatively easy to fix.

Our highly experienced plastic surgeon, Dr Eddie Cheng, draws from both reconstructive and cosmetic disciplines to achieve natural results beautifully proportioned with your face.

As ears are almost full grown by the age of four, this is a common procedure for younger patients. In fact, the procedure is so effective it is most commonly performed on patients aged four to 14 years. It can also be performed on older patients with great results.

Patients claim the procedure to be wonderfully liberating, as they no longer feel the need to hide their ears with hats, scarves or long hair.

Key Questions about Ear surgery (Otoplasty)

Before Procedure

What is the best age to have an ear operation?

Surgery to pin back protruding ears may be done as early as age 5 or 6. By this time, the ears have achieved much of their adult size, are almost completely formed and the cartilage is soft and easily moulded, making it possible to get good results. Some people do feel that it may be of emotional benefit to have the Otoplasty surgery done before starting school. This would hopefully reduce name-calling and teasing at school.

During Procedure

After Procedure

What to expect after the Surgery?

After ear surgery a soft padded bandage will be placed around your head to protect your ears and to hold them in place. This is usually removed a week after the procedure and it is advisable to wear a stretchy headband or stocking cap for a week after surgery, particularly at night. Generally, it is not a painful operation but the ear does feel numb from the surgery for some time. Most people would be able to return to work or school within one week. Some bruising and swelling is expected but it tends to go away reasonably quickly in the first week or two. Ear surgery can offer a real emotional boost in addition to its cosmetic benefits. It is almost impossible to get perfectly identical ears on both sides and like most facial cosmetic surgery; the aim is improvement and not perfection.

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